Join us on a Hemingway Summer Time Exclusive

Sailing on the Basque Coast


Looking for the adventure of a lifetime to Northern Spain?

Northern Spain Travel designs packages that entice your curiosity, open your eyes to diverse cultures, give you the opportunity to savour the rich gastronomy of the region, and take you to spellbinding places, with breathtaking landscapes. Our Hemingway Summer Exclusive is an out of the box adventure with a Hemingwayesque touch.

Authentic Experiences

Experience Northern Spain in Four Days

This package features 2 nights accommodation in our Pamplona holiday homes, and 1 night in San Sebastian. Come to Pamplona - the provincial capital of Navarra. This package includes a gastro tour through Pamplona on day two, on day three we leave Pamplona on an intrepid Hemingwayesque adventure to the Basque Coast into the heart and soul of Basque culture. We sail the Basque Coast on a magnificent sailboat built in the 1920’s and enjoy exquisite regional cuisine in the city known for its ‘pintxos’; San Sebastian. We fall in love with this noble city while you taste exquisite pintxos and wine pairings and find out why Hemingway found this region so enchanting.

Visit private gastro venues in Pamplona

Hemingway Route to the Basque Coast

Travel with us to the northern corner of Spain where you can experience the heart and soul of Basque culture. Get ready for a day of folklore, green hills, and exquisite seafood. Our first Hemingwayesque experience takes us to Sunbilla, a picturesque village located in the heart of the Cantabrian Valleys, northeast of Navarre, where there are many caserios (Basque houses) decorated with their family shields. The village also has a majestic 16th century stone bridge over the Bidasoa River. A train ride brings you to the top of Mount Larrun from where you can enjoy the best vistas to the distant horizon. We then descend to the bay of Pasajes, home of Victor Hugo, and one of the most charming, history filled, coastal towns northeast of San Sebastian. Here you will enjoy unforgettable food that would satisfy the palate of Hemingway.

Spectacular gastronomy along the Basque Coast

We are transported back to the 20’s on a sailboat trip to San Sebastian, savoring Cava as you go. Get ready to join the experts on the best pintxo and wine route in San Sebastian – a city that Hemingway found enchanting. Let yourself also be enchanted by the beauty of this noble city while you taste 3 exquisite pintxo and wine pairings. The rest of the evening and the following day in San Sebastian are yours to enjoy.

Fabulous wines and pintxos in San Sebastian

This adventure includes: